Most preventable and treatable health risks that eventually blow up into chronic diseases can be owed to unhealthy lifestyle choices and occupational health hazards. Over a period, these unexpected outcomes can end up costing organizations a huge amount of money in terms of lost productivity.
of the populationis either obese or overweight
of the populationis is at risk for cardiac disorders
already has hypertension or is at high risk
is eitherdiabetic or prediabetic

Our Solutions

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HEALTHY BENEFITS 360 Degree | 12 Months Wellness Program

This is a 360-degree wellness program that is structured and outcome driven with an annual wellness calendar designed in consultation with the Rewards team. This is the most rewarding, successful and outcome driven program that has shown improvements in health index and reduction in insurance claims.

WELL STAR Short term programs (7 Days - 101 Days)

We have bouquet of programs that are designed for short term health and wellness engagement and education. These programs are in the nature of Health Risk Assessment, Challenges & Competitions, Biometric Screenings, Workshops, Campaigns, Health & Fitness Events etc.

KEEP ME HEALTHY Biometric screenings & annual health checks

Biometric screenings provide immediate feedback about your employees’ risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, along with other chronic conditions. Truworth has its own team of paramedical staff for onsite biometric screening and a structured automation driven system of appointment, health screenings, data collection and report generation.

MAKE ME HEALTHY Weight loss & disease management programs

These are personalized and outcome driven programs ranging from 60 – 180days in the area weight loss, Cardiac Care, Diabetes Management etc.. These programs are personalized as per the user’s vitals, lifestyle and cuisine preferences with proactive coaching and monitoring support from the health coach.

HAPPY PREGNANCY Pregnancy care

The program has been designed keeping in mind the nutritional, emotional and medical support that a woman would require during this happy period and is designed to help her to achieve a happy and normal pregnancy. The program guides the women through each and every trimester with access to a Medical, Nutrition, Emotional and Fitness Coach via Chat, Email and Telephone.

E2AP Employee Assistance Program

Our Premium Employee Assistance Program offers lower employee stress levels via phone, in-person counseling sessions, email, and live chat counseling. Our team of highly qualified clinical psychologists and counselors work with employees to treat stress, relationship issues, depression, peer conflict management, and other issues that affect employees’ work-life balance.

Specialized Services

Along with the general suite of services, we also provide specialized assistance programs based on the needs of an organization. Some programs we have conducted in past include -

  • Personalized CXOWellness Program
  • Pregnancy CareProgram
  • Elder CareProgram
  • Home CareProgram
  • Medical RoomManagement
  • Cafe Audits &Menu Planning

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