Our Philosophy to Wellness -

At Truworth Wellness, we believe in the amalgamation of innovative technology with personalized wellness coaching to provide best-in-class wellness solutions for your company. Most importantly, we believe that we can set in motion a wave of change in the current approach to wellness across India.

We have implemented elements of gamification, incentivization, social networking, and behavioral economics to support employers, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical aregivers around the world in their efforts to empower their audience to become healthier.

Introducing The Wellness Corner

Your one stop destination to manage all the health & wellness initiatives at your organization

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Tailored Wellness Program

Wellness is not a one-size-fit-all approach. What works for one person may not necessarily work for everyone. Therefore, Truworth Wellness offers a completely customized wellness programs based on your organization’s health & wellness needs. Our wellness programs are designed to grow with you regardless of where your organization stands on its wellness journey. We help you cultivate a culture of health & wellness throughout your organization which ultimately leads to competitive advantage by boosting productivity and employee retention.

Approach to Wellness

Components of a successful wellness platform

The Wellness Corner offers you the full spectrum of solutions to manage all your population health & wellness initiatives. Not only we help you understand your population better through our world-class analytics, our team also provides you guidance on how to better engage your audience to adapt healthy behaviors. We do this with the help of gamified wellness programs, social health campaigns, relevant health assistance resources, and recognizing individual efforts & rewarding them.










Health Assistance

Digital Platform

Our comprehensive web & mobile platform enables you to access the required health & wellness resources on your fingertips.


Health Risk Assessment along with biometric screenings to identify major health risks at your organization & design interventions to cater to those health risks.

Integration with Popular Fitness Devices
  • Fitbit
  • Apple Health
  • S-Health
  • Google Fit
  • EFIT
Access to Health Coaches

Get expert help on variety of health & medical issues including nutrition, fitness, yoga, & stress management

Disease Management

Wellness coaching plans to help your audience manage their health conditions in an organized manner

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