Truworth Wellness was founded in 2011 with the core mission of promoting the culture of preventive wellness across various organizations.

We started off by providing employee health checkups & biometric screenings and slowly diversified into providing a complete end-to-end employee health benefits solution.

This gave us a strong domain experience of implementing successful wellness programs for 7 years and helped us develop our
  • Operational Capabilities
  • Pan-India Reach & Accessibility
  • Network of Health & Wellness Experts

All-in-one comprehensive health benefits management suite

First of its kind platform with state-of-the-art recommendation systems. This platform goes beyond simple wellness management and helps you deal with the big picture when it comes to your employees' wellbeing.

Wellness comes first!

Our team of health experts specializing in all core areas of wellness come together and take the front seat in designing & delivering a successful wellness program.

How Can Truworth’s Workplace Wellness Solutions Help Your Organization?

Truworth can help your company not only boost productivity but also achieve substantial HR outcomes.
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Boost productivity
  • Build a culture of health & happiness
  • Optimize employee incentives & benefits strategy